Posted by: tonyshill | August 1, 2009

Donald Rumsfeld and the swine flu, H1N1 virus

To say that I was worried about a virus that someone in the prior Administration has a HUGE stake in the company that pretty much has the patent on the treatment for would be an understatement. The worry of when I start feeling sick any time for the rest of my life and having to rush to the hospital and stand in line with other people that are sick , that may or may not have the virus, well makes me sick. How much is this company Gilead Sciences going to be worth when every person in the World has to take there pill every year when they feel sick? How much are the vaccine companies making off a vaccine that may or may not work and has to be administered to the World? And how much is Gilead Sciences worth if the vaccine does not work? And can anyone trust whats in the vaccine?

What is noteworthy is the the last time swine flu was around was when Donald Rumsfeld was a former defense sceratary. And that tamiflu is also used for Avian Bird flu which came around when he was again Defense Secratary.



  1. no no, invest in Baxter Pharma who got a patent on H1N1 two years before the recent Swine Flu

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