Posted by: tonyshill | September 28, 2008

Invisalign works like braces

I thought my teeth would require braces because they were not straight at all but since I am in my 40s wearing braces was not really an option because now my kids need them. But I went to my Dentists and he told me about this new way to get teeth straighten called Invisalign.

It works just like braces and after 6 months of using the trays my teeth are look straight for the first time in my life. Anyone who ever feared that it would cost to much or take to long to get your teeth straightened think again and ask your Dentist about Invisalign!



  1. When wearing Invisalign or wire braces you have to know about the new product on the market: BrytonPick – FLOSS In Seconds. It is a string-free, reusable and portable flossier that will save you allot of time on a daily flossing routine. Flossing after every single snack is a must with Invisalign and with Brytonpick it can be discreet, easy and very fast….

  2. That’s a great success story. A lot of adults are turning to Invisalign as it’s such an improvement over wear metal braces. So glad to hear you’re another success with Invisalign.

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