Posted by: tonyshill | June 23, 2008

Thoughts on gay marriage?

I wanted to hear everyones thoughts about gay marriage. Basically are you for it or are you against it and why? Me personally I think it is no ones business what you do or who you do in the bedroom and that you should be able to get married to who ever you fall in love with on this planet even if they are the same ex as you.

Of course i love to hear what you all think about this issue so please chime in with your comments and start up a conversation.



  1. I agree with you…….you could be connected to the person you love farther back than this life, so why not marry them? 🙂

    I’m kinda old-fashioned and don’t agree with flaunting ANY sexuality (gay or hetro) in public but what you do in your own home is your business as long as you’re not hurting anyone!


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